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After speaking with you (usually by phone) we will assign a photographer to your job  and will send you a quote for it. Please consider showing the photographer examples of what you are looking for or being very specific if you wish certain areas of a home to be photographed. We strive to get you images of the highest quality and standard. Be prepared to talk about how many properties you want shot, if inside images and outside as well or just outside, aerials, video, edited video or unedited clips etc. 


The following elements are in the quote:

- number of images, HDR or not

- square footage of property

- travel fee ($20 per 1 hr driving)

- Extras - this could be ceiling height for floor plans or retouching fees or blue sky swap fees in the case of bad weather (all optional)

- as the client you must respond and agree to the quote via e-mail.


The shoot will be scheduled with you at a time that works for both parties taking weather into account. On a sunny day the blue sky is free and on a grey day it costs money to replace the grey sky in photoshop. Since photographers often have several appointments per day, please text the photographer of minor schedule changes or if you are running late. You will be e-mail a photo ready check list to get the property ready for the shoot.


A deposit is required of individuals and or owners who are first time clients, but not for established realtors with whom we have an existing relationship. B2B also requires a deposit for first time clients only. The deposit will guarantee the schedule and time the photographer needs to prep and to hold the times slot for the shoot (turning down other business for this slot).


Should you wish to cancel please do so 24 hours before the shoot. Any cancellation that is 24 hrs within the shoot date will incur a cancellation fee of $30 - $60 depending on the time slot allocated to the shoot.



Stills for a small 2000 squ fot house take 30-40 minutes.

Stills fro a 6000 squ ft home take 1hr or more

Video - 1 hr

Drone flight for stills: 30 mins

drone flight for video: 40 mins

360 tour: 40mins - 1 hr+

If you order all of these things some shoots can take 3.5-4 hours.



After introductions and small talk, please allow the photographer space to work. Doing it well takes intense concentration in an empty home and for that the photographer needs to work alone most of the time. 

During drone flights the pilot may not speak with others as they are both watching their own surroundings, the sky and the drone and focusing on taking photographs or video.


Clients who are not realtors must sign a standard real estate photography license that specifies usage (copyright resides at all times with the photographer plus 70 years after their death - see US copyright laws article 106). Photographs can only be used to advertise the rental lease or sale of said property (or be for insurance purposes). MLS etc is of course where most images end up.



Images video and floorplans or any other orders will be sent within 24 hours of the shoot via an online drive such as dropbox, wetransfer or google drive. The only exception is edited video with music - these take approximately 2-3 days. The client must download the materials at their earliest convenience. After 4 days the images and video files will be deleted from the drive in order to make space for new jobs. The drive is used only a s means to trensfer the image to the client, and is not a permanent storage space. A client may request them again within 1 month if they somehow lost their copies.

Matterport Links cost $10 per month to maintain (billed to client). Zillow links are free in perpetuity.

You may express any changes you might wish to make (within reason) and discuss the results with the photographer .


An invoice is sent after the images have been sent and is due within 10 days. It lists what was in the quote as well as payment methods. Venmo is preferred (no fees!), or paypal, cash or check. Ask about other methods in person. For companies we can fill out paperwork to be a vendor and or W9. We also have stripe for credit card payment. Failure to pay results in a 5% late fee per month.


We carry liability insurance, equipment insurance and take out separate drone insurance per flight at high expense. Our drone pilot holds a title 107 commercial drone license. 

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