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Available Services

AirBnB /VRBO/Booking etc. Set up 

Don't want to photography your property, set it up online and deal with Airbnb bookings? We can list it set it up and have everything ready online for you to use. Set up ranges from $400 - $1200 depending on platforms, size of property and location

HDR Photography

We do high end HDR photography for your rentals or sales. This includes MLS ready imagery. For rentals we can also photography details and "mood shots".  We also do aerial photography and video, short timelapse drone images and video, and vertical aerial video for social media.

AirBnB Co-Host

Do you need a local co host who can make your airbnb income more passive? We charge 20-50% to co host depending on the arrangement and level of "how hands off" you wish to be with your Airbnb.

Floorplans, Video

We do black and white floorplans and LIDAR 3-D models for homes, that architects often utilize when designing extensions or working remotely, Matterport allows for a VR walkthrough and online walkthrough, 360 tour. We make edited videos with music and branding that can integrate drone, aerial, interior and exterior video and stills. 

Property Inspection

Do you have a high end Long term rental or STR? Do you need to make sure yoru cleaners are actually keeping it clean? Some hosts and landlords now use an airbnb inspector, We make sure and check - is a deep clean needed? Are there spider webbs? Does the property have an unpleasant odor? Having fresh eyes on the property regularly can help you maintain yrou standards of cleanliness to mainain 5 star reviews.

AirBnB photography

Did you know that Airbnb has an algorithm that decides whether it likes the photography and then ranks your property higher in people's searches based on the photography alone?

We have photographed more than 12 AirBnB's in Manhattan and surrounding area including KCMO and Salina. We often will also go back and photograph a property in different seasons or when landscaping or furniture has changed or been upgraded. AS Robuilt said in his video - "don't skimp on pro photography when you just spent 100's of 1000s of dollars on a property - and yes there is a HUGE difference. We ocmbine 3-5 shots into one for a start and use equipment that costs over $3000.....


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